Peter Dunkley of PDA Consulting

PDA Consulting offers the services of Master Builder Peter Dunkley. I have been in the construction and property industry in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs since 1995, with a strong reputation for building some of the area’s most unique and beautiful homes. The majority of my clients are repeat customers who have come to rely on his knowledge and experience for each project they undertake.

Conception to Completion

My objective is to improve, simplify and streamline the experience of building your home, from conception to completion, through My expertise in planning, development and management of the building process. By implementing the best strategies, smart solutions and effective management, I can offer you better work-flow and ultimately better cost-control, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome for your project.


The Value

What distinguishes PDA Consulting from other builders is the integrated service and invaluable first- hand contact for management of the entire building process.

Services include:

Sourcing property

Concept design, planning and development

Obtaining the Construction Certificate

Construction and project management

Ongoing maintenance post-build

Preparation for sale


The Ability to Visualise

I have a great ability to visualise the finished project, taking into account critical factors such as the optimal use of space, design flow, light direction, the finished look and feel of the interiors and outdoor spaces, as well as the overall functionality of the house.

My years of experience means I engages only a select and skilled team of builders, designers and architects. My network of contractors and suppliers all understand my approach, and their services will result in better quality control and a more cost-effective outcome, without comprising on his very high standards of craftsmanship.


The Trust

The most important aspect of our services is trust. I will be your single point of contact throughout the project, drawing on my expertise to provide effective management of the many factors that can affect a build. I will work side-by-side with you to ensure that you optimise your costs, invest in a quality end-product and realise your expectations. I have found that my approach accelerates the decision-making process, mitigates risks and greatly improves the outcomes of your project.

My success is measured only by the final product and the pleasure our clients take in their beautiful new homes.

Explore my services

Building Consultancy, Management and Solutions

PDA Consultancy is distinguished by My integrated services that cover every aspect of the building process, from conception to completion. By having a first-hand contact with effective oversight and management of each component of the project, you can be assured of a streamlined and cost- effective outcome.

Sourcing Property

My services begin with helping you to find your perfect property or developing strategies to maximise the value and potential of your existing property. Drawing on my vast experience working in the Eastern Suburbs, I can offer you the very best advice on the various approaches to creating your new home, taking into account your circumstances and budget and desires.

  • Expert advice on the best strategy to realise your ambitions for your new home

  • Comparing your options to purchase a new property, or capitalise on your existing property

  • Comparing the benefits of renovating, redeveloping or opting for a complete new build

  • Advising on the best way to prepare your property for sale, such as minor alterations, repairs,

    gardening or painting, considering the amount of work needed and who your target market is, to make sure you see the best possible result

  • Liaising with real estate agents, with whom Peter has built up strong relationships, to make sure

    the right people are looking at your home

  • Acting as buyer’s agents in the purchasing of your new property, dealing with the often-complex

    process and back and forth negotiations involved in buying a house

Concept Design

Planning and Development

The most important part of delivering my services is making sure that I understand what you want to achieve out of your property. I seek to understand what is important to you and your lifestyle, and I work closely with you to develop the best possible approach to realising these expectations.

I will work with one of my skilled architects to come up with design concepts for your project. At this stage, my skillset and vision will allow me to create a concept that balances your requirements and your budget with a unique and exciting design flair. I want to make sure your project stands out and includes added value, but that it is manageable, cost-effective and achievable. I will make sure that you understand the design process, with simple design sketches, visualisations and plans. My approach will ensure that you share the vision and know exactly what to expect from your project.

From here, I will follow your concept through the development phase, making the necessary adjustments and taking all the necessary steps to get council approval.

  • Work with you to develop a concept that suits your lifestyle, meets your requirements and expectations, and fits within your budget
  • Work closely with you to make sure you understand the design and share in the vision for the finished product
  • Engage a skilled architect to bring this concept into the next stage of detailed plans and drawings, eventually coming up with the final design required from the development application
  • Obtaining an environment analysis and BASIX certification need for development application

  • Drawing up landscape plans need for council submission

  • Arranging surveyors to provide appropriate survey plans for council submission

  • Liaising with engineers, including hydraulic, geotechnical and structural engineers, to obtain the

    necessary documentation for council submission

  • Arranging a quantity surveyor and developing a realistic construction timeline to ensure

    effective management of the building process and budget

  • Complete management of the development application process and documentation, from submission to approval

Project Management and Construction

Bringing your project to fruition with a quality yet cost-effective outcome requires immense experience, knowledge and expertise of the building process.

I only works with a select and highly-skilled group of builders who he has known and trusted for many years. As such, he can deliver both effective project management and rigorous quality control throughout the project, overseeing every contractor and acting as your first point of contact.

I sources all products and materials from my extensive network of trusted suppliers, with whom he has established strong relationships. This means that you can be assured a standard of quality, service and, most importantly, pricing that is unachievable by other builders. My organisation of prime cost items, a substantial component of your budget, can save you up to 15%.

  • Engaging only trusted and experienced builders and contractors who have a proven track-record of high quality work

  • Ongoing and effective quality control of every aspect of the building process 

  • Sourcing of the right materials for the property that suit your tastes and create a cohesive end product

  • Sourcing products and materials from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing quality and service

  • PDA’s trade pricing on prime cost items, such as tiles, light fittings, plumbing fixtures, etc., will save you up to 15%, a huge saving on a very substantial component of your overall budget

  • Coordination of contractors and making on site decisions to provide effective project management and avoid unnecessary and costly delays

  • Ensuring flexibility in decision making and necessary design changes throughout the construction process

  • Efficiently obtaining the occupation certificate

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